So thankful for Sarah's efforts to organize a community get-together on my one night at home. Below is a couple videos from some dear friends.  First, Liz, Dan and Colby Beck. Dan and Liz are hilarious and kind and generous. Did I mention hilarious?

Scott, Lynn, Matt and Megan Savage. Matt is one of Gavin's best friends and Scott and Lynn were "there" for us when Gavin was first diagnosed and have continued to support our family with love and friendship for over ten years. Thank you!

Bill and Cheryl O'Brien stopped by to say, "Hey."  Cheryl took an early call from me as I explained my crazy dream and immediately jumped in to help, connecting me to a friend at Nike. Bill is a sweetheart and has sent me several messages on the road, making sure I'm okay. 


Thank you, Josh Jackson, for joining me for my round at the 1757 Club in Sterling, VA. Josh is a rare athlete, a scholarship football player … and a scholarship golfer. Dude can CRUSH.

Here's video of Josh hitting a ball at the range. Check out that swing speed. FYI, in 2018, Tiger Woods recorded the fastest swing speed at a PGA event (129 mph).

So glad that Mark read about Fifty for Father and took action!  He made a generous donation to JDRF to join me for my round in Delaware.  PS  Dude can play!  Had 4 birdies and shot 1 under par!

Mark has a great Arnold Palmer story.

Tess and I headed to NYC after our round in New Jersey.  Here's a quick 360 view of Times Square.

GM Patrick Wynn was my playing partner today and we have more in common than just loving the game of golf.

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