On Saturday, May 25, Gavin and I made the 10-hour drive to Southport, NC, to the first Fifty for Father course.  We stopped in Chapel Hill for dinner and met this guy.  On the spot, he wrote a poem about my journey.

Morning of Day 1 … couldn't sleep.  Went to the beach to see the sun rise and think about my dad.

After an emotional Day 1, I met these guys. They each heard my story, then dug in their pockets to donate cash to JDRF. Oh, and they're hilarious.

It was an honor to meet Ally McDonald, a rising star on the LPGA who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 3 years ago. She had some inspiring words for Gavin!

Meet Sam Straka. I did. He's a pro golfer who grew up in Valdosta, GA, and Kinderlou is his home course. He heard we were coming to town and wanted to play a few holes together. Ya see, he and my son have a special connection … 

Don't miss the end of the interview when he tells you how he won a recent long-driving contest. Go ahead, guess how many yards he hit it? I dare ya.

Meet Dean Korte. He made a donation to join me on my Fifty for Father journey. See how Dean made a second special "sacrifice" before today's round.

I mentioned in the Mississippi photo gallery that a friendly conversation on the first tee would turn out to be important.

When Jay Nowell heard my story on the first tee in Mississippi, he had questions, "But, you're not playing Alaska, right?" (yes, I am) and "Are you WALKING every round?" (most, yes).  

We met up again in the grill room.  I told Jay, I had an open spot in my foursome at TPC Southwind in Memphis in a few hours. Without hesitation, Jay reached into his wallet and made a generous donation to JDRF … and was able to join us for afternoon round in another state!

Bill's shot from the sand … from his knees!

Meet Chandler. I did. Now he is thinking of joining us for a round on our Fifty for Father journey!

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