We let Aaron and his buddy play through this morning. He had heard about Fifty for Father in the clubhouse and wanted to share his story. (I forgot to get a mic on him.  My fault if the audio is low.)

My oldest daughter, Sam, joins the journey. 

Second daughter Maggie gives the morning shout out. 

Those we’re both a little “too adult.”   So they tried again.

Gettin’ closer.  This is their true personality. These girls, they keep me young!

Hitting the wall.

At Pebble Beach. Lessons at 17.

At Pebble Beach. Thinking of dad and what it means to be a good father.

At Pebble Beach. On the 4th hole. For a reason.

"You're not really playing Hawaii and Alaska, are you?"  "Um, yeah, 50 Course in 50 States in 50 Days."  Here's the travel plans for the next few days.

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