Sutee Nitakorn, Director of Golf at the Kaanapali Golf Course, played 18 holes with me (I just hit it where he told me to...) and he taught me some Hawaiian words and their meaning.  What a beautiful language, culture and perspectiv!

Sutee and a Hawaiian fun fact

Sutee lets me in on a little Hawaiian slang.  

Fifty for Father isn’t about my father and his child.  It’s about all fathers and all children.  The day before Father’s Day, Sutee introduces me to his dad and shares his favorite memory. 

My office for the day.

Father's Day wishes from my beautiful girls, Sam and Maggie.

Fifty for Father wouldn't be possible without friends of friends of friends being moved to action, helping out. A friend of a friend of a friend, Will Snow, invited me to join him at the Royal Oaks Country Club, in Vancouver, WA. Will has a touching tribute to share, how the kindness of an entire golf community formed him as the man he has become.

My college buddy Joe Bonanno made a generous donation and joined me for a couple rounds, starting in Idaho. He also had a surprise for me ….

The famous floating green, 150 yards .. playing 180 against the wind.

After hitting on our shots on #14, we had to still make it to the green ...

The Couer d'Alene Resort has the coolest sand rakes!

Black sandtraps?  Whaaaaat?  No, it's slag.  Does it play like a sandtrap? You be the judge.

Your Moment of Zen, brought to you by the state of Montana and Old Works.

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