Welcome to North Dakota, 900 feet from our hotel (with nothing blocking our view) and we couldn't see our hotel.

Kinda windy on top of the mountain...

Fifty for Father got a shout out from fellow U of Illinois grad and the 2018 Sanford Invitational champ Steve Stricker!

Ed explains why he wanted to get involved with Fifty for Father. If you'd like to make donation to join me for a round of golf on this journey, please visit www.fiftyforfather.com/courses

After my friends left, I took a cart and went back out to the course.  This might be last time I see this sacred place of my memory. I wanted to soak it in one more time.

Steve Fox heard my story on WXRT/Chicago and made a very generous donation to JDRF to join me for my round in Indiana.  Thank you, Steve! (Just hit it in the swimming pool … Steve knows what that means …)

Steve also had a trick shot.  Facing backwards off the lip of a trap.

My buddy, Dom, joined the journey for a few days. If you'd like to play with me as I head east (or know someone who would), please the Courses tab for info and to register.

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