I asked a special guest to do this morning's daily shout out video.  C'mon, seriously, he's adorable, right?

One of the employees overslept so Gavin and I helped Susan get open this morning by bringing up the carts.

We played The Links at Land's End for our Texas course. It was an absolute gem. It would be a great course at which to be a member. Different every time you play it!  Lots of risk/reward shots.  Head Pro Hunter Smith recorded this shout out to Fifty for Father.

Hunter also had some suggestions about the Fifty for Father course in North Dakota.

This turtle was giving me the stink eye. He was all like, "I could beat you in a race."  And I was like, "No way."  And he was like, "Prove it, Fat Boy."  And was like, "Game on, Sheldon."

Diabetes never sleeps. Every few hours those stricken with this disease must check their blood sugar. Too high and they are in danger. Too low and they are in danger. As a parent of a child with diabetes, if you are organized, you can help your child manage this disease. But what happens when they go to school for the first time? Or want to do a sleepover at a friend's house? Or like today, when Gavin took his first, unaccompanied flight. I'm thankful he was strong enough for both us.

Focus, Pete, focus!  There is NOT train rattling by behind you!

Meet Kent. I did. He made a generous donation to join me for a round and you can, too! Visit the Courses tab to see how you can join me on a course anywhere across the country.

Kent is amazing. He has found his purpose in life and nothing will stop him! One man can change the world. Never forget that!

Driving through west Kansas. They are oddly soothing and hypnotic.

So...you know when your kids take your phone and take funny pictures or videos without you knowing... yeah that happened to me today.  But the “kid” was a 69-year-old man named Murphy Huston. He is fluent in sarcasm. Love ya, Murf!

The elevation changes at The Sanctuary are incredible. And I'm just talking about the greens!  Check out Jason's putt … and Jason's putt … and Jason's putt.

Your Moment of Zen, thanks to The Sanctuary.

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