fifty for father partners

Thank you so much to the Fifty for Father partners listed below.  From generous financial donations to important in-kind support, each company described below has ensured the most money possible will be directed to JDRF.

If you would like information about how to become a Fifty for Father partner, please contact me at


Avis is committed to both corporate and employee involvement in civic as well as charitable activities. 

I can certainly attest to their commitment to their community. When the execs at Avis heard my story, they jumped into action, providing a van for me to use for my 12,000 mile trip. Every dollar I save in expenses is a dollar that is donated to JDRF so I couldn't be more appreciative. When considering a 50-day, 10,000 mile trip safety and comfort are big issuesand Avis provided both, easing any concerns I might have had about this massive undertaking. Thank you, Avis! You made it easy!

On the Avis website, they list their corporate values:

Integrity: We will conduct business with unwavering high standards of honesty, trust, professionalism and ethical behavior.

Respect for the Individual: We will treat each person with whom we work with respect, professionalism and dignity. We will embrace a diversity of ideas, cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds to enhance our promise and value to customers.

Quality: We will ensure that the "We Try Harder®" philosophy underlies everything we do and shines through in our service to customers.

Teamwork:  We will maintain a caring and supportive work environment that fosters a sharing of ideas, skills and resources.

Community Responsibility:  We will be active participants in our communities and encourage employee involvement in civic and charitable activities.

You can read more about Avis here.


I went to the Nike website. I scrolled to the bottom and one word caught my eye.


I clicked on it.

The first thing you see on the next page is a simple phrase.

"Purpose Moves Us"

Nike continues.

"We're committed to creating a better, more sustainable future for our people, planet and community through the power of sport."

I read that and thought, "Well, that's something we can all get behind, right?  The saving of our planet and community?"

I'm so glad to call Nike a partner in my Fifty for Father endeavor, one which is driven by purpose and passion.

Nike has generously supported my journey through in-kind donations of gear and golf around Portland (Oregon and Washington.)

They have also offered to give me, my brother, and daughters, Sam and Maggie, a tour of their campus in Beaverton.

That's right. Dad's cool for at least one day this year!

You know about their shoes and apparel, but you really should read more about Nike and its people by clicking here.


On their website, the Buffalo Agency has the phrase: Where Passion Meets Purpose. Believe me, this is one company that walks the walk

Fifty for Father was never about money, looking like a Nascar driver with logos all over my apparel. It was simple.  A son honoring his father. A father helping son.

Derek and his team understood my story and quickly became a creative partner. If being a good leader is surrounding yourself with people smarter than you, then I'm a heck of a leader. I am so appreciative of Derek, Jill, Lauren, Nina, Chad, John, Kevin, Cassie and Lucia for their wisdom, their commitment and for sharing with me a place where passion meets purpose.

The Buffalo.Agency is a full-service, integrated digital marketing & PR agency specializing in connecting brands to consumers through engaging content, innovative technology and addictive experiences. Their creative thinking is driven by a passion for brands and a deep, data-rich understanding of their target audiences. The result is work that moves the needle by moving people. The combined result is a premier full-service, integrated marketing agency dedicated to golf, destinations, sports and lifestyle brands. 

For more information about their amazing work, please click here.


Billy Casper Golf is one of the largest privately owned golf course management companies in the U.S., with nearly 150 properties in 29 states. 

Their history, steeped in tradition from Billy Casper’s 51 professional victories and molded by his integrity, work ethic and other laudable characteristics, provides them the strength to capture both business and philanthropic success.

The services they provide their clients include: 

agronomy, human resources

finance and accounting, national accounts, sales and marketing, information technology, business services, public relations, revenue generation and expense management

VISION: To be the best operator in the history of golf.


MISSION: To provide fun and enjoyable experiences for our Employees, Clients and Guests. 

VALUES: Growth. Respect. Integrity. Passion. Service. Fun. Responsibility. Safety. Team.

To learn more about Billy Casper Golf or find one of their 140 golf courses near you, click here.


A friend of a friend and owner of Creative Mobile Interiors (CMI), Stacey Connaughton, agreed to meet with me in December 2018. 

It was obvious from the first meeting with Stacey and CMI President Josh Gifford that this was a company that leads with their heart. 

Over several months, Stacey and Josh continued to try to find a way to help me find and convert the perfect vehicle to drive on my journey.

I will forever be grateful for their compassion, intelligence and generosity.

Josh and his team provide skilled craftsmanship and fantastic customer service. 

They are not tied down to certain platforms or price points, they step out of the box to provide exceptional quality and service; from a simple TV swap to a full size coach conversion.  

They put industry-leading effort into providing the best solution possible; no project is too small or too large.

Please click here to learn more about the amazing Creative Mobile Interiors team.


In the spring of 1961, Ben Masterman purchased a list from a man about to retire from his first aid supply business. He packed his station wagon with product and began delivering orders  around Worcester, MA. Masterman's has grown to be a national distributor, employing over 100 people and stocking over 25,000 SKUs in their 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse. 

In 2008, Ben’s son Tod launched their screen printing and embroidery division, providing high-quality workmanship and a quick turnaround time. They have recently expanded these services to include custom banners and stickers.

When Tod heard my story, he not only made a substantial donation to JDRF, he committed to providing "whatever I needed" in embroidered apparel and branded items.

Ben Masterman passed away in June 2013. Known as a man of unparalleled generosity, Ben treated every single person with love and respect. As Ben was famous for saying, “There is no better wisdom than kindness.”

Please, if you need any safety gear or embroidery services, contact Masterman's here.


Linksoul Founder John Ashworth contacted me and, without me asking for anything, suggested that Linksoul would "donate a bunch of gear."  

Probably not surprising if you know anything about this amazing company.  From their website:

We believe enjoying our lives lets us enjoy our work, and vice versa. 

A perfect day for us includes time with family, time with friends, time in nature, creating things with our hands and physical exercise. 

It’s no longer just about golf, it’s about everything (however golf is still mandatory on Fridays).

Linksoul is offering something to you, too!  Use the code FIFTYFORFATHER at for 20% off a purchase of regularly priced Linksoul apparel.

Read more about this incredible company here.


As a kid, I spent summers at a golf course, often walking 36 holes a day. 

As I entered my 40s, I had issues with my feet. Every time I played, I left the course with seething blisters and bloody socks. 

Instead of 36 holes a day, I was playing 36 holes a year

And so the game that had defined me at any early age and connected me to my father had drifted from my life. 

Until a friend recommended ECCO golf shoes. No more blisters. No more bloody socks. I began walking nine holes every day before work. 

Golf was back in my life. My dad, twenty years gone, was back in my life. 

So now as I plan to play 50 Courses in 50 States in 50 Days one thing is clear to me. This journey is happening for one reason. 

I can walk again.

Please check out ECCO's incredible shoes and other items here.


Rod Koch is a Titleist rep in Ohio. He heard my story and immediately donated a trunk full of Titliest golf balls, including four dozen that are specially-branded as Fifty for Father balls.

Thank you!

The Titleist brand started with a vision and an x-ray. 

Their story began in 1930, when Phil Young missed a well-stroked putt in a match with his friend, who was head of the x-ray department at a local hospital. 

Convinced that the ball itself was at fault, Young and his opponent went to the hospital, x-rayed the golf ball in question and found that its core was, in fact, off-center. 

Dozens and dozens of the world's greatest golfers play Titleist golf balls, including Justin Thomas, Tommy Fleetwood, Jordan Speith,

Berhnard Langer and Shanshan Feng, the number #1 ranked player on the LPGA tour.

Read more about the Titleist story here.


The President of KemperSports agreed to give me a minute of his time. 

That conversation lasted an hour. 

Thank you to Josh Lesnik and KemperSports for generously donating a foursome at many of their wonderful golf courses.  

Founded in 1978, KemperSports has a rich history as a family-owned business with more than 7,000 staff members.  

Staying true to their core values of tradition, honor and integrity makes them the most trusted partner in the industry. 

Learn more about the Kemper story here.


The CEO of Troon heard my story and immediately donated rounds at multiple golf courses. 

Troon has donated almost ten percent of the rounds in my 50-day journey and includes some of the most incredible courses in the country.

Troon golf is a leader in corporate responsibility. Troon Drives H.O.P.E. celebrates the way Troon's facilities and associates around the world are involved in charities, environmental initiatives and fundraising events. The four elements of H.O.P.E. serve to bring these actions to light and to share the collective impact Troon facilities and associates have on their communities. 

A special thanks to Melissa Weisman who championed my effort and was extremely helpful in contacting the courses. Thank you! 

Find out more about Troon here.


I met with Giant Eagle Regional VP Brian Ferrier in March 2019. Not more than a few minutes into my story, he stopped me and said he had heard enough. 

"We will get you whatever you need," he said.

Even beyond that generous commitment, Brian suggested that he would contact other grocery store chains in areas of the country not served by Giant Eagle and ask for their support.

Seriously. Who does that?

Giant Eagle does that.

Find out more about this amazing company here.


Matthew Richards is a Starbucks District Manager in Central Ohio.

His wife told him about my journey and before even talking to me, he was meeting with his peers to get their commitment to support me.

Hey, a guy who is driving 10,000 miles in 50 days needs his coffee!

With Starbucks healthy food options, I will also be able to avoid the temptation of "fast food" as I plan to enjoy the wide selection of salads and fruit options at Starbucks locations.

For more info, click here.